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Lectures/Workshops & Special Events....

To have Sister Saa'Shalom speak or facilitate a workshop for your church group, women's conference, health conference, community organization, healthfood establishment, or school, please contact the Supreme Love & Light via email at

Lecture Topics/Workshops Include:

30-90day Internal Detoxification Coaching

Stress Managment Systems Discipline

Raw Chef Certification Courses

Host a Day Retreat

Host a Raw Foods Party!

90-day WeightLoss Coaching

Introduction to Light & Sound Meditation

Spiritual Law

Goddess Wear Fashions

photos of fashions pending.

Coppergetics Healing Gems



Books & Reading Material

 Goddess Glory, a Rites of Passage for Sister Circling

 Simply Rawesome Delights: From the Garden of Eatin

 What is the Matriarch?


Music CD's & DVDs

 Evolutionary Soul CD#1

 sOULpOWER!!!  CD#2

 Simply Rawesome DeLights 3-Dish Raw Foods Instructional DVD's

 Spiritual Enlightenment Lecture Series on DVD

Supreme Love & Light is a not for profit spiritual order that seeks only to sustain itself that it may   function according to its divine purpose.  All monies received are received as freewill donations and contributions to the ministry and will be used to support the activities and administering of our mission.  We thank you for your support.